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WRITELondon @ Slow Down London Fest

Hey Everyone,
WRITELondon has workshops running during the SLOW DOWN LONDON festival which runs in town from the 24th of April for ten days.
What is Slow Down London?
Slow Down London is a new project to inspire Londoners to improve their lives by slowing down to do things well. Slow Down London will hold a campaign and festival (24 April – 4 May 09), offering ideas and opportunities to help us challenge the cult of speed and appreciate the world around us.
There’s three slightly different WRITELondon workshops taking place, so check them out, forward them on, to anyone that you know interested in taking writing in and out of stimulating contexts and re-opening sleepy winter eyes to the buzz of spring. Come and join me, it would be great to see you!
Type ‘WRITELondon’ into the website and check out the workshops, or click on the links for:
Saturday 2nd May
WRITELondon: The London Canal Write: 
 Join poets Jasmine Ann Cooray and Miriam Nash on a creative walk along London’s canals. Stopping on the way to write, reflect and share, we’ll draw inspiration from the scenery, our stories and our senses on this truly slow journey through our city. No writing experience necessary; bring a pen, paper and comfy shoes.

date: 02 May 09
time: 11:00 – 16:00
cost: £8 / £5 concessions
location: tbc (check this website for updates)
tel: 07853 445872


Sunday 3rd May
WRITELondon: Creative Writing on the Move
 Join poet and educator Jasmine Ann Cooray on this site-specific creative writing workshop designed for writers across abilities and genres. You will be escorted on a treasure trail of locations that explore movement and stillness in our capital, from the ants’ nest of inner city swarms to the peace of an overgrown cemetery. Each space affords its own fresh inspiration guided by simple and flexible writing exercises, and you are guaranteed to find some gold paving in this town again.

 date: 03 May 09

time: 11:00 – 16:00
cost: £8 / £5 concessions
location: Meet in Soho Square, London, W1D
tel: 07853 445872


Monday 4th May
WRITELondon: Character Watch

Join poet and educator Jasmine Ann Cooray on a site-specific creative writing adventure. You will be escorted around different locations within the capital, observing, approaching and sketching members of the public, collecting characters for use in monologue or dialogue exercises. Suitable for any level of experience with writing. Take this opportunity to observe your fellow urbanites more closely, make new connections, and open out your mind to what the city can bring you.

date: 04 May 09
time: 11:00 – 15:00
cost: £8 / £5 concessions
location: Soho Square, London, W1D
tel: 07853 445872
Each workshop runs over a short day (11-3 or 4pm) and is semi-structured, with writing exercises designed to compliment each space we visit.
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New Year, New WRITELondon!

Happy New Year!

WRITELondon took a small quiet time at the end of last year but we are back with new workshop structure and much more polished!


Scroll down to look at the newest upcoming workshop series, would be great to have you along with us, so don’t hesitate to contact!

Jasmine x

WRITELondon: write through your senses

creative writing course



Writers, zoom in on your senses! Begin with a taster workshop to whet your sensorial appetite and give you some ideas. The group will be escorted around different locations in the city, and complete creative writing tasks tailored to draw inspiration from each space. What do you experience beyond the obvious? What is familiar and what is alien? What can you create?


Over the following 5 weeks, you will be able to gather a selection of creative writings that you can develop or refine in a follow-up polishing workshop. The course will then end in a celebration of the groups’ work in a reading in a London venue, in addition to the production of a small zine.


When are the sessions?

The workshops will be held in town on Saturdays during the day, and last approximately 4 hours including travelling time.

Taster Session: Saturday 24th January, then every following Saturday until Saturday 7th March.


Can I drop in to one or two sessions?

Decide in the taster workshop whether you are inspired, but after that it is preferable that you try to commit to the whole course.


How much is it?

Taster workshop: £5

6 weeks following: £70 or £55 concs.

I am also up for skill swapping, depending on what you can teach me!

Fees are payable in cash or cheque at the beginning of the first workshop, or cash at the beginning of the taster workshop.


How do I book?

Send an email to Jasmine Ann Cooray at including your name and telephone number or call her on 07853445872.

It would also be good to know whether you think you might be interested in the whole course or are just coming to the taster workshop.




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Welcome to WRITELondon!

Welcome One and All! This site is the temporary online home for WRITELondon. A website is in construction, but for now, settle in here, and link us up with anyone you know who might be interested in the joys of WRITELondon.


WRITELondon Character Series

WRITELondon Sensory Taster Tour

WRITELondon The Sense Series


So what IS WRITELondon?

WRITELondon is a range of site- specific creative writing workshops for writers across genres. A group of writers are escorted around London locations over day or evening workshops and provided with creative writing tasks that use aspects of the space to fuel new material. You don’t have to proclaim yourself a Writer, WRITELondon is open to anyone who wants to re-engage with surroundings, flex new creative muscles, and go on an adventure. We’re about generating ideas and being inspired by the everyday.


The workshops are structured as a walking tour with public transport if necessary. the group will work individually and sometimes collaboratively to generate new writing material from the tasks set specific to space. The workshop also includes sharing of work and ideas. WRITELondon is also frequently an impromptu forum for networking and connecting with likeminded people.

On the WRITELondon Blog, I’ll be posting new listings for upcoming workshops, feedback, blogging the workshops as they go, and posting pictures and work. I look forward to seeing you on a WRITELondon soon!